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    The initiative proposes a basic directive for the harmonization of social security in Europe. This universal foundation is based on : a universal citizen's income, guaranteeing each of the primary resources; Health universal protection against disease and pollution; Complementary universal social protection against the residual risks of living in society; Responsible and supportive financing; A democratic and participatory government of the Universal Social Security.

    On this last point, the initiators of this initiative emphasize the fact that social security is a (common), general interest. This justifies the proposal for an innovative, democratic and participatory mode of government for all decisions related to its scope. This mode of government is based on a convention (s) of citizens. While electoral participation and the parliamentary system constitute the legally established link between representatives and representatives, this organization can no longer be sufficient on its own. Active participation must be exercised in order to re-involve citizens in what they have in common, to recreate collective responsibility and solidarity, and to promote compliance in the rules adopted. The Citizens' Convention meets this ambition.

    Moreover, the initiators of this initiative stress that public policies to prevent health, accidents, pollution and social risks (discrimination, inequality, disability, exclusion ...) must be implemented. Indeed, social security (which intervenes on the risk already achieved) can not be sufficient on its own. The ideal of a society of well-being and well-being is to limit (see eradicate) the realization of the risk very upstream to its realization.